Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Have Grass!

I have a new passion - yardwork! I used to hate gardening, so I never did it. All I ever did was mow, and only when the neighbors complained, or when Holly nagged. But now, since we bought our own home last December I can't stop. Last week I planted some grass seed in bare spots on the lawn. I watered those spots twice and day, and today, I laid down on the lawn and noticed tiny, tiny sprouts of grass. I can't express how excited I was! I can't wait to water those sprouts. I've been mowing, hedging, moving mulch, planting flowers, fertilizing, watering, and raking. Oh, and I have my own tool shed! It's big and red. We also have a grapevine. We have a tree with a Robin's nest. Last week two eggs hatched. I've been checking on them every day. One day I got too close - the mama bird attacked my head! I've bought a bird bath, and I'm pricing bird feeders. Out back I have a grill, patio furniture, a firebowl, and a hammock. I love spring now. I notice new life everywhere. I am the master of my domain. The king of the castle. the lord of the manor. What a life!


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Josh Kellar said...

All you need now is a party to start off the grilling season. By the way, if you turn on the word verification, the pesky commenters like luvymartin6690094752 will not be able to leave comments like that.