Monday, May 15, 2006

Apple vs Apple vs BBC vs Unknown Cabbie

Last week a London Court ruled on a case involving Apple Computer and the record label owned by the Beatles. BBC called Guy Kewney, the editor of, to their studios to be interviewed about the court case. When a production flunky ran to the lobby to get Mr. Kewney for the interview he managed to grab a clueless cab driver instead. The poor cabbie, who could barely speak English, was slammed onto the set and suddenly he was being interviewed about a case he knew nothing about. You gotta give him credit. He was on his game, in spite of the look of absolute panic when he realized what was happening. Click on the link in the title where you can watch the interview. Nobody knows who the cabbie is. They're looking for him, and if they find him he'll be an instant Brit celebrity.


Suzanne said...

I just knew you'd have something to say about Apple this week!

Charles North said...

I think Apple Computer won that court case - the revolution continues!

Ryan said...

I went to the Apple store in Southlake and checked out th new 13" Mac Book.
I now lust after it.
I am so ashamed.