Friday, May 27, 2005

Austin - What a Town

Well, I just got back from Austin. I attended the Sermon Seminar hosted by the Graduate School of Theology from Monday to Thursday. It was an intellectual feast. We just hung out with the Word, trying to be better, more relevant preachers in tune with the demands of the culture. We discussed preaching from Kings and Isaiah, the church vs the culture in Acts, and shaping the church so as to oppose the "principalities and powers" today. Marva Dawn was especially great. Oh yes my friends, things certainly have changed - a female Lutheran preacher lecturing at a gathering of 150 Church of Christ preachers! Nevertheless, I learned so much from this remarkably giften and spiritual woman. I also got to hang out with my best friend James - we ate at some cool local joints and got caught up. I also got to spend some "alone time" at the Barnes & Noble - a rare pleasure. Yeah, I live in a town with no Barnes & Noble!!! Oh, and if you're ever in Austin, you've got to try Amy's Ice-Cream - it's the best I've had in the world!

Only 26 days till we leave for the Zambia mission trip. I'm so excited!

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Ryan said...

You are brave to make this public. Lutheran, Woman!