Thursday, June 02, 2005

What Wall of Separation?

I just read a very disturbing article in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. The governor is coming to church in the Metroplex on Sunday. He's coming to sign two bills into law. Rick Perry is going to the Calvary Cathedral to sign bills restricting abortion and setting a vote on a definition-of-marriage constitutional amendment. Even for a governor who says bluntly that he thinks the United States was founded “on Christian faith,” it's audacious to bring a public ceremony into a church. As a preacher I cannot begin to express how this infuriates me, and I’m rarely at a loss for words! This is precisely why I am a proponent of strict church/state separation – the higher the “wall” the better!

Perry called Calvary Cathedral a “great setting” for a bill signing and said he hopes for a “large and boisterous” crowd. Yeah, but why will the crowd be there? To worship God, or to promote the agenda of the Republican Party? The latter would be idolatry! The idea of taking bills passed in the Legislature into a church to sign them into law is so over the top, even for this Republican (and if you doubt my credentials, check out my blogs from during the election).

Note to government: STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF “THE WALL!”


Ryan said...

I wasn't aware of a distinction between Christianty and the GOP?!?!?! Do you mean they are not the same thing???
It sickens me that Christians in Dallas are more interested in The Republican Party's agenda than anything else. It is not possible to discuss if something is right or wrong anymore. Things are juged according to the GOP agenda and not moral absolutes.
We need to get off the Bush bandwagon and back on the Jesus bandwagon.

Charles North said...

Amen bro! For me, it's not about right vs left as much as it is about right vs wrong.