Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Perfect Little Gentleman

I'm working on something, but for now, here's William on Easter Sunday.


zanned said...

AWWW...such a little man! I hate that I missed getting to see you all when you were in Abilene recently. But, since I was sick, it's just as well that I wasn't able to share the virus with you all. I'll be seeing Robert soon...but still no idea how long it will be before he is home for good. Keep him in your prayers, please.

J.R. said...

What's with the prison behind him?

Ryan said...

"What's with the prison behind him?"
He is a North after all.

Charles North said...

Ha, Ha. It's the church playground - which is kinda like prison for kids!

Kerrie said...

I loved keeping you in the nursery today! I had fun watching you laugh and play, and enjoyed our little conversations about the goats and ducks. You are quite a talented, handsome, and cuddly little fellow and I think I'm quite taken with you! Thank you for making my time in the nursery a real blessing:)
Ms. Kerrie