Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Where would you most like to live?

I knew Abilene (where I live) was a conservative city, but here’s the hard evidence, according to recently released research conducted by a group called “Voting Research.” I thank my friend Travis for the heads up on this. It’s an interesting list of America’s most “conservative” and most “liberal” cities. Where would you most like to live? Come on, be honest!

America’s 25 Most Conservative Cities
(in descending order)
1 Provo, Utah
2 Lubbock, Texas
3 Abilene, Texas
4 Hialeah, Florida
5 Plano, Texas
6 Colorado Springs, Colorado
7 Gilbert, Arizona
8 Bakersfield, California
9 Lafayette, Louisiana
10 Orange, California
11 Escondido, California
12 Allentown, Pennsylvania
13 Mesa, Arizona
14 Arlington, Texas
15 Peoria, Arizona
16 Cape Coral, Florida
17 Garden Grove, California
18 Simi Valley, California
19 Corona, California
20 Clearwater, Florida
21 West Valley City, Utah
22 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
23 Overland Park, Kansas
24 Anchorage, Alaska
25 Huntington Beach, California

America’s 25 Most Liberal Cities
1 Detroit, Michigan
2 Gary, Indiana
3 Berkeley, California
4 Washington, D.C., Dist. of Columbia
5 Oakland, California
6 Inglewood, California
7 Newark, New Jersey
8 Cambridge, Massachusetts
9 San Francisco, California
10 Flint, Michigan
11 Cleveland, Ohio
12 Hartford, Connecticut
13 Paterson, New Jersey
14 Baltimore, Maryland
15 New Haven, Connecticut
16 Seattle, Washington
17 Chicago, Illinois
18 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
19 Birmingham, Alabama
20 St. Louis, Missouri
21 New York, New York
22 Providence, Rhode Island
23 Minneapolis, Minnesota
24 Boston, Massachusetts
25 Buffalo, New York


Ray said...

You know, I would prefer to live in a conservative town, the problem is that many of the ones on the list I have been to, and found them to be fairly unfriendly...

Truth be told, conservative views do not always relate to a 'nice' city...

Charles North said...

Ah yes. Last week I was bike riding on a fairly wide 4 lane road when a woman in a large suburban nearly hit me - on the back of her car was the proverbial "Jesus fish" and a "W04" sticker. Nice!

Estersue said...

I would most like to live back in my former home of Colorado Springs , Co.
Only other place this side of Heaven I would rather be!.Sorry Ray found it fairly unfriendly... Most people who really know me already know I really want to be back by the mountains and not just these hills they call mountains around here.... Joke city.If I could only get J.G. to move there now you would not see me on the weekends!Until then Lord willing, See ya Sunday! By the way Got Coffee!

Ryan said...

whay do some of the worst drivers have Jesus fish on their cars?