Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Louder the Commercial, the Dumber They Think You Are

Last year I made this observation as it relates to political ads, but I have this theory about car ads on radio and TV as well. The louder and more obnoxious the advertisement, the dumber the dealer thinks his customers are. When you hear about a commercial with a background of loud noises, and two announcers screaming phrases like "$99 down, $99 a month" over and over, or when you hear announcers screaming idiotic, mindless phrases like "All credit applications accepted", you know that you are listening to a commercial for a relatively inexpensive car, the type of car generally purchased on credit by someone at the lower end of the economic scale. Take the high-end cars like Mercedes or BMW. You will never hear commercials for these automobiles delivered in a screaming, obnoxious fashion. Why not? Because the dealers know that the type of person who has worked hard enough to afford a decent car is going to be turned off by a commercial that screams at them. Just an observation.

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