Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Congress: A Gang of Thieves

Today President Bush signed the recently passed highway bill. The $286 billion transportation legislation is so overloaded with “pork” that it contains 6,371 pet projects for all 535 members of Congress. How nice. Aren't you so glad that our politicians are confiscating our money to buy votes from people in their districts? So what else is new? One of the more outrageous examples is funding for a bridge in Alaska, secured by Republican Representative Don Young. $231 million will go for a bridge near Anchorage to be called? You guessed it – “Don Young's Way.” The irony! Another outrage is $2.3 million for landscaping along the Ronald Reagan Freeway in California. If that doesn't make him spin in his freshly dug grave for awhile, nothing will. This bill shows more than any other that the Republican Party has abandoned its quest for limited government. Aside from national security issues and a few other things, we have reached a point in our political landscape where there is no difference between a Republican and a Democrat. It’s as if two gangs of thieves have combined forces against us. I have more respect for street hookers and their pimps than I have for our “representatives” and their campaign managers!


Ryan said...

It would be cheaper to buy a helicopter for each of the residents on the island and have them commute by air.

Charles North said...

Ah, you are a man who has done his homework, since only about 50 people live on the island.