Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The "Religion of Peace" - at it Again.

For a brief moment today the news media got off the New Orleans story to show us pictures out of Gaza. The last Jew left last night, and turned the lights out, apparantly. The Palestinians looted the Jewish "settlements," and destroyed the synagogues. They ripped the Jewish holy places to pieces by hand! I was overcome, again, with an overwhelming sense of sadness, and then anger. We can't enter mosques because we're dirty, inferior "infidels." British police have to remove their shoes before entering a Muslim home - to arrest suspected bombers! Our soldiers have to wear gloves when handling Korans at Gitmo. Mosques are used as holdouts for insurgents in Iraq, and we dare not bomb them. Has the world gone mad? God help us!

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Ray said...

The 'American' Al-Qaeda had it right in his recent 'announcement'.

"We are a religion of peace, but we want peace on our terms..." In other words, they want not peace, but total submission of all others under their brutal rule.