Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bitter Disappointment

I am so angry and heartbroken, plus my mind is racing in a caffeine-induced sprint, so anything is likely to come out of my keyboard. And, as an ordained minister in the "Church of the Painful Truth," I am, for today, not fazed by political correctness, sensitivity, or any other namby-pamby, mealy-mouthed dribble we're all so accustomed to. Fine, with that disclaimer stated, let me vent.

I am going to do what I have always thought distasteful - whine, publically criticize the president in a time of national crisis, bash the military, and be insensitive toward the "refugees" from New Orleans.

Watching Mr. Bush give his "speech" yesterday was painful. He seemed way over his head, as did the other clowns we have running the country. He basically said nothing. Just more meaningless slogans of the "freedom is on the march" variety. Mr. Chertoff suggested that people log onto a web site to find out where to go for shelter. Talk about being out of touch. This man is the secretary of Homeland Security! Please, Mr. Bush, I used to trust you - please say and then DO something meaningful, please!!!

Speaking of doing nothing, why are people wandering around New Orleans a full three days after the storm with no food and water, sleeping in car garages, sitting on the interstate, and avoiding gangs of looters and car-jackers. And why are people allowed to shoot at rescue helicopters, lay seige to hopitals, and car-jack ambulances? And why are bloated corpses still lying on pavements? And why the hell are the New Orleans Police ransacking the shoe isle at the WalMart along with the other thugs? Because our entire military is AWOL. Don't make excuses for them, I'm really not interested. We have the most powerful military in the world with the best equipment. They need to be in there with water and food and with bullhorns telling people what to do. Right now there is nothing - just thousands of people wandering around the flooded streets of what was already a city plagued with violent crime with no clue what to do. If our military can't restore order in New Orleans, how can they do it in Baghdad? Oh, and the looting you're seeing on CNN is petty - think of the real crime going down right now. The "perfect" murders being committed, the bank vaults being taken by crime syndicates - get it? Where is the military???

One more thing. Houston, you have a problem! Right now there are hundreds of busses on the highway transporting refugees from the Superdome in New Orleans to the Astrodome in Houston. How many people are going to be bussed to the Astrodome? Twenty thousand? Thirty? Many, perhaps most of these people have nothing left in New Orleans. They have no homes to return to, no personal belongings, no jobs. There is no reason for them to go back, and there is no law that can keep them confined to the Astrodome. They're not under arrest. They will be free to leave when they wish, and go where they want. These aren't the cream of the crop. Some of the people who will take up residence may have been looting jewelry stores in New Orleans yesterday. Many are from the various New Orleans welfare housing projects. Are you ready, Houston? What should be done with all those people? How about some of our military installations? Many of these are slated for closing. They have empty barracks, unused mess halls and all of the medical and sanitary facilities you might need. Katrina refugees could be moved in. While there they could gain experience working to maintain the facility as they live and learn basic economic survival skills. This is what I mean when I say, "Mr. Bush, do something!"

Oh, and one more thing. Remember that Exxon-Mobil is still swimming in record profits!


Ryan said...

"This is gold Jerry, gold!"

Well said. I am, as usual, underwhelmed by the government. Perhaps we need to ready ourselves for a "no hurricane is safe anywhere neither are the countries that harbor them" speech.

Charles North said...

Quote of the day, from a man trapped in his apartment in the French Quarter: "I expect Jesus to come back before the military get down here."