Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Always Saturday - But Sunday is Coming!

In Christian theology the three days that Jesus spent in the tomb are significant for the life of the church. Jesus suffered pain, suffering, and death on Friday; he lay dead in the tomb on Saturday; and he was raised to life on Sunday. His resurrection was a demonstration of the Spirit’s power over death.

The church exists in a similar state – our suffering is in the past, but our resurrection has not yet happened. For us, it is always Saturday. For the past 2000 years it has been perpetually Saturday. We live in an already-but-not-yet state between suffering and victory. In this state we learn patience, reliance on God, love fore one another, concern for the lost, but we also live by hope, anticipating our certain resurrection.

Over the past few days I have seen my own life through this paradigm. Every day is Saturday for me. Every day involves a gut-wrenching, coma-like state of waiting. I’ve been through the Friday of suffering and death, but every morning when I wake up, I feel sick when I see “Saturday” on the calendar of my subconscious imagination. But I know that Sunday is coming! One of these days I will wake up to a new dawn of a new day – a day of resurrection, new life, and hope for a bright future. Sunday is coming!!!

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Charles North said...

A friend read this post and sent me this email that she has given me permission to post here. She will remain anonymous, so let's just call her . . . "Beth."

"I was thinking about Saturday and Christ in the tomb dead. This should be a time of assurance for us. A time of renewal and a time to be still. What do we face when we are dead? We are not worried about dying because we are already there.We don't have to worry about where we will be when we are dead, because we are there. There should be no worries because we are no longer in control, we are dead. I guess what I am thinking is this is the place of grace, peace and love and with all this what do we have to fear?"