Saturday, August 09, 2008

I'm Taking a Break

Sorry for removing that last post. I'm really not supposed to be putting up stuff from Postsecret, so I'll respect that. On Wednesday night Cory showed how Jesus learned to say "no" to some things because he had said "yes" to a much greater mission. So, in that spirit, I am going to take a bit of a break from blogging. I need to say "no" to my desire to vent and pontificate for a while so that I do a little life maintenance and construction. I know that for some of you, checking my blog is the most exciting thing you do all day!! (Ha, Ha). Don't worry, I'll be back!


casey said...

well good for you. i'm glad to see you finally saying no to something, even if it is something you enjoy. you are only one person, and even you can only do so much. and you know you can always vent, it just doesn't have to be read by the world. i will, however,miss the stimulating conversation your blogs bring up. so until you blog again,enjoy your break. :)

jenn said...

Charles, you know what my question is for you...I won't even ask it, but I do want an answer to it! Thanks a million!!