Friday, June 13, 2008

Food and Drink Prohibited

I have been scanning various church's facility guidelines. Many churches make this statement, and I have even seen this sign posted in a few church foyers, banning food and drink from the "auditorium." So, what is the problem with this? What strikes you as odd?


Ray said...

I guess communion is out the window! :-)

(However we do not allow 'other' food and drink in our SANCTUARY).

Auditoriums are for high schools, not church services.

Charles North said...

That's it brother! My point is that words and symbols have meaning, and when you claim that communion is the most important reason for our worship, but then you SAY, "no food or drink allowed," your theology needs an overhaul! Our use of the word "auditorium" proves the same point - theological unawareness in the face of pragmatism.

J.R. said...

What's with a formal building in the first place?

Mark said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... all we need to worship God is each other... no building, no sound system, no powerpoint...just each other. There's a beautiful simplicty in that!