Friday, August 18, 2006

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Okay, a couple of weeks ago Holly and I went to the fairly new Super WalMart here in Abilene. In the parking lot we saw an old run-down car with the "Boycot Walmart" bumpersticker. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Where's a camera when you need one? Anyway it got me thinking. What we do is much more important than what we say. You can't tell others to boycot WalMart when you're inside their store buying $5 shirts! This principle applies accross the board. This morning Mike Cope reflected in his blog about a new book by Shane Claiborne: Living as an ordinary radical. This line really caught my attention: "If we were to set out to establish a religion in polar opposition to the Beatitudes Jesus taught, it would look strikingly similar to the pop Christianity that has taken over the airwaves of North America." You know - a mile wide, but only an inch deep! We better be careful that our actions don't tell the world to "boycot Jesus."


steve said...

hey Charles,
I hear a congrats is in order. I am happy for you and Holly. My God bless yall with a happy healthy baby, Holly with minimal morning sickness and you with thick skin. May God bless your addition to the family!

Charles North said...

Thanks a bunch Steve. Yeah, I guess it's time to really tell everyone - Holly is 2 months pregnant! We were holding off on telling everyone until a couple of weeks ago when we went to the Dr. I'll keep everyone up to date as we proceed.