Thursday, January 26, 2006

Is it 1938 again for the Jews?

This is the scariest time for Jews since the Holocaust. I dare say that we woke up to a new world this morning. Hamas – an organization that exists to destroy Israel (and kill Jews) - won over 70% of the Palestinian vote! Hamas is bought and paid for by Iran, whose leader has stated, as his goal, the eradication of Israel. To call these goons “Islamo-fascists” is insulting to Mussolini! They’re far worse.

I think the world can be divided into three groups with regards to Jews and Israel: Those who hate the Jews and want them dead, those who are indifferent to this hatred, and Americans (at least those Americans who support Israel). The first group consists mostly of Muslim societies. Muslim literature today is as anti-Semitic as Nazi literature was. Hitler's "Mein Kampf" is a best seller in the Middle East. Jews have been expelled from nearly every Arab country, and the deliberate killing of Jews is celebrated throughout the Muslim Middle East. And it’s not only the Middle East. There are some 32 million Muslims in Europe, many of them radical and, therefore, anti-Semitic. Virtually every day in the past month Jews and synagogues were attacked by Muslims in Europe. Because Europe fears its Muslim population, and because of its own deep-seated anti-Semitism, Europe is the primary supporter of those who wish another Jewish Holocaust. The rest of the world is either pro-Arab (e.g., Russia, China, and my old home, South Africa) or totally oblivious to Israel’s fate (most of Asia and Latin America). America is Israel's only defender. America does not merely tolerate Jews, it honors them. The United States has always defined itself as “Judeo-Christian.” Though Christians founded the United States, the Old Testament played a big role in shaping America's identity. Thomas Jefferson even suggested that the seal of the United States depict Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. However, given the number of Americans, including American Jews, who are willing to throw Israel under the bus because they believe that “Zionism” is the cause of terrorism, is frightening. Even George W. Bush said something today that made the hair on my neck bristle. In response to the overwhelming Hamas electoral victory, Mr. Bush said, “This reminds me of the power of democracy.” Yeah, and Hitler’s electoral victory in 1933 was another jewel in the crown of world democracy.

So here we are, so soon after nearly every Jew in Europe was murdered, and the remnant that remains in the New Jersey-sized state of Israel is threatened with extinction. Just like in 1938, the world now seems to be divided between those nations that were about to murder Jews and those that would let it happen. It is almost unbelievable – almost.


Ray said...

You know my feelings on this -- But, what I really love is the statement I hear from so many; "Oh, the holocaust could NEVER happen again"....

Democracy in action, RIGHT!

Charles North said...

I like what Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday - just because a government is "democratically" elected doesn't make it legitimate if their goal remains genocide. Judging from comments by our president yesterday and the media fawning over Hamas, I think we are close to worshipping democracy as God's answer to the world - which is interesting since our own founders hated "democracy," and did not establish one in the USA.