Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"Freedom is on the March"

Most people assume I'm a Republican. Most of the time I sound like one, but I'm no Elephant. Of course, I'm no Donkey either. So what am I? I am a Libertarian. Here's why. Did you know that in the state of Texas we license interior decorators? Yes, in Texas you could be fined if you accept payment from someone for telling them what color draperies would look good with a certain style and color of carpet – unless, that is, you first secure the government's permission to make that judgment. In almost every state in the nation, you can't pay someone to clip your fingernails unless the government approves. You can't even give someone five bucks to wash your hair without violating the law! Last week when I went to get a hair cut I saw a new sign on the counter. It said, "State health and safety regulations prohibit persons other than the customer from entering the styling area." So now Holly can't go back with me and make fun of my haircut! Tell me, please, why do I have to go to the government to get a list of people who are "approved" to massage out a cramp? Now look around your office. See any doorknobs? Knobs – not those lever things. They're illegal in workplaces you know. You or your boss could be fined for each knob. There is the chance, you see, that someone with a disability might try to open one of those doors someday and they might not be able to turn that troublesome knob. Recently a "friend" in a "nearby city" (I'm being vague just in case the government is monotoring this communication under Patriot Acts I & II) rented the office space right next to their existing office. Same building okay, just with a door between the two offices (just like two adjoining hotel rooms). While down at city hall getting a certificate of occupancy my "friend" mentioned that he was going to remove the door - just knock out two hinges - and the clerk told him he had to buy a $75 building permit. So, like good Americans, we proudly removed the door with no permit. Ironically, this "nearby city" is one of the most conservative cities in America. I could go on and on. That's why I'm a Libertarian. Like I've said before, the difference between Republicans and Democrats is like the difference between diet Coke and diet Pepsi. Until one of the major parties takes a stand against the inane regulations that make criminals of us all, I'll continue to be a Libetarian. Remember the movie "The Patriot?" At first Mel Gibson's character will not fight. He asks the townspeople, "Why exchange one tyrannt 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrannts one mile away?" The question still stands.


Ray said...

Amen! I was a registered Libertarian for years... Interestingly, many of my friends made a huge deal out of the fact that the Libertarians wanted to legalize marijuana, but failed to see anything wrong with the Patriot Act (frightening piece of legislative Big Brotherhood); and the myriad other items that the donkeys and elephants both do on a daily basis which erodes our basic freedoms

And I don't even want to get started on the PAC, and soft money junk... Where do you think many of the silly legislation comes from?

Charles North said...

The drug issue is like a millstone around the heads of Libertarians. It's a really misunderstood issue as well. That's too bad, and probably why serious Libertarians can only affect change while wearing an elephant suit.

Ryan said...

Well said!

The way most Americans accept their over regulated, micromanaged by the government lives is sad. The way they chastise those of us who choose to stand for freedom, justice and liberty is sickening.

Keep fighting the good fight boys.

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James L. said...

Well, since none of the African-Americans on this site have done it, let me be the first to say, "Happy Kwanzaa, bitches!" Of course, the glorious celebration of family, community, and culture ended with the coming of the new year, but it's end brought a new beginning and a renewed sense of hope, hope that with the passing of some stem cell research legislation this coming year, Dick Clark will be able to make a full recovery by the end of 2006 and I won't have to listen to Regis and his wife sing, nor will I be forced to suffer the wart on the hind end of New Year's programming that is Ryan Seacrest.
Of course there are mid-term elections to look forward to as well, and as the events in New York's senatorial race unfold, we will find out if my eight-year-old prophecy is one step closer to coming true. Those of you that know me know what that means. And speaking of prophecy and the ability to speak for God, what are your reactions to Pat Robertson's latest comments with regard to Ariel Sharon?
All kidding and political predictions/discussions aside, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (that's right, I said Christmas :-p) and a pleasant New Year celebration. Here's wishing you all a wonderful 2006, don't get caught by the AMT, and remember, the world is ending in 2012 anyway. In the words of our glorious governor, "Adios, mofos!" God bless.

Charles North said...

Hello Jimmy the Saint! Happy New Year to you too.

Pat Robertson is an idiot! Even if it's true, he's still an idiot for saying it.

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